Thursday, January 26, 2012

My childhood memory T_T

This is just one of my childhood cartoon. I am a fan of Doraemon. It is a funny & inspiring story I can say. I will start to read it again from the start to fill up my semester break. credit to my friend who shared the video of Doraemon(final episode). Touching I baca. hua3. Biadap nye member.

I love all the episodes from the beginning until the end. In truth, I love most of japanese anime, comics & etc. It is not only funny but educating the children in many ways. This is just as a matter of my opinion. :)


cely said...

KAAAAAAU ADAAAAAAA SEMUAAAAAA? dayang asal kau jauh sgt :(

DMJ said...

pdn mke ko..kat uma ak ad komiks ad yg da ilang..ak yg ilangkan mase kck2..ko bc je la online..haha

cely said...

haha. yelaa