Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a joy of relief~

sem 1 session 2011/2012 has just ended. my life is much better & manageable. im working hard to improve my management skills for this upcoming new sem. perhaps i should construct a schedule & reset my body settings by training it to adapt to a new me. but, it is not necessarily that i must jot down everything on a piece of paper or anything. i just need to be a bit strict to myself & to seek for a middle course. in terms of what? let me keep it inside. for me, you can brag about something when you are certain about it.

about my final examination? i think im ok with all the papers as long as i have points & know what to scribble or to write on the papers. i don't care whether it is right or wrong. i hate to discuss or checking on what i have answered because im afraid that i'll end up with frustration. that's all.

there's a funny incident happen to this cute girl. she falls on the way back to mahallah. there are three of us including her. her leg swollen up to the point that it triggers me to remember a play entitled "Oedipus the King". for literature students, they will know what is this play all about. Oedipus means "swollen foot" & he was named after it. in short, this cute girl's foot is so bad that it swells & there's a purplish bruise. this is a serious condition actually. we, as her friends try to help her by providing "minyak angin", bandage, ice, cloth patches & helps to nurse her. the bad thing is, we are in the end of our final exam period and too bad that she has another 3 papers left(that's ouch!). but no worries, she has her friends to accompany her to go anywhere & to look after her even when she's in her room. 

what do i feel during that panic time & steps to help her :

1) speechless & helpless & keep staring at her shrieking, creaking, freaking. (hehe)

2) ask her to hold on my shoulder but it doesn't seem to lighten her burden because im too short for her. :'(

3) bring her slowly to her room(luckily that she stays at ground floor which mine is on 5th/4th floor)

4) contact somebody to massage her but mission failed. then we clean & apply "minyak gamat" on her wound. (i cut my finger while struggling to open the cap & bleeding. panic woo!)

5) my friend gets the idea to contact this guy which maybe can help with the aid of his experience in PBSM.

6) we fool her that we will bring this guy to her room & she begs for us to hide her private properties inside the locker. haha.

7) he comes & help to cover he foot with black scarf & provide "minyak serai". (we thought that he is going to do a bit massage at first)

8) im sleeping in my room. by this time, another two girls come with ice & bandage. they help to put the ice on her foot to ease up the injury.

9) i come to her room & we take care of her together.

thanks for this experience friends. i love it. haha. so sweet you guys who help & give her support.


cely said...

auwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :3

DMJ said...

no auwwwwww2 here!!haha